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Metallic Mesh (M)

All styles are also available in the colors shown to the left.
  Zip Cases
2x4 $15.00 band aids / Q-tips (001M) →add
3x4 $16.00 credit cards / id/coins (000M) →add
3.5x5 $16.50 credit cards / id/coins (010M) →add
2x7 $17.00 knitting needles (188M) →add
3.5x7 $17.00 checkbook / sunglasses / bills (110M) →add
5x7 $18.00 cosmetics (005M) →add
4x9 $18.50 make-up / blush brush (009M) →add
6x7 $19.00 cosmetics (007M) →add
4.5x12 $22.00 knitting needles (088M) →add
7x9 $22.00 hair care products (006M) →add
6x10 $22.00 envelopes / receipts (111M) →add
4.5x15 $23.00 knitting needles (015M) →add
7x12 $25.00 papers (113M) →add
11x14 $31.00 file folders/magazines (114M) →add
  Zip Case w/Hook
2x4.5 $18.00 coins (001MH) →add to cart
3x4 $18.50 credit cards / id / coins (000MH) →add to cart
  Keychain Cases
2x4.5 $16.00 coins / receipts (001MK) →add to cart
3x4 $16.50 credit cards / id / coins (000MK) →add to cart
  Double Zip Case w/Hook
3x4 $22.00 credit cards / id / coins (0000MH) →add to cart
  Gusset Cases
3x5 $19.00 small *new (210M) →add to cart
4x5 $20.00 small (211M) →add to cart
4x7 $21.00 small *new (217M) →add to cart
5x7 $23.00 small (220M) →add to cart
4x9 $23.00 small *new (219M) →add to cart
7x9 $27.00 medium (222M) →add to cart
8x12 $32.00 large (224M) →add to cart
  Open Totes
9x7 $44.00 Open Tote (070M) →add to cart
11x9 $47.00 Open Tote (071M) →add to cart
13x11 $55.00 Open Tote (072M) →add to cart
  Beach Tote
15x14 $70.00 beach tote (074M) →add to cart
  Zip Totes
10" zip x10" $43.00 zip tote (070MZ) →add to cart
12" zip x11.5" $46.00 zip tote (071MZ) →add to cart
15" zip x14" $56.00 zip tote (072MZ) →add to cart
20" zip x15.5" $74.00 zip tote (074MZ) →add to cart
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::made in the USA since 1978::
::walker dunham corporation::