“I used six Walker mesh zip cases of various sizes to organize my gear. One 3" x 4" case served as my change purse and a second case of that size served as my emergency-cash purse. A 3.5" x 5" case held my tools. A 4" x 9" case held my batteries, cables, and adapters, and a second case of that size held my parts and supplies. A 7" x 9" case held most of my toiletries. All these durable cases served me well.” John Link’s Biking Adventures 

...And she makes her purse manageable with the help of color-coded mesh bags for organizing makeup, sunglasses, gum, lozenges and the like. "I hate digging through a purse. These mesh bags are one of the great inventions of mankind!" - Hillary Clinton
'My Greatest Joy' People Magazine January 14, 2008 Vol. 69 No. 1

By Sandra Sobieraj

I just received my first bag from my daughter-in-law for mothers day and I love it. I am ordering more as we travel a lot and I do not like security searching my bags. Now they will be able to see it all. I am 57 and looking forward to using your product.

"Just a note to let you all know that this is just what I've been looking for. I absolutely love it. I'm so glad I came accross you store and its wonderful products. I will be back for more. Just absolutely what I need when I go jogging/walking. This is PERFECT. THANKS AGAIN! :)”

"I just turned 38, two months after giving birth to twin boys, who join our 3 year old daughter. Color mesh bags allow me to organize my life into the giant purse/shopper/diaper bag I must now carry. Whenever I see your products, I buy them! I have 12 nylon tote bags for groceries. Walker is truly a happy marriage of form and function. Love you guys."

"I have 2 of your 4x5 mesh bags that I can in my purse all the time. They're great for keeping my purse organized. I love them!!"

"I love all your bags & own many (particulary for use as a wallet - on which I receive constant compliments.) I'm buying something this week for my mother who requested a colorful change purse. The mesh farmer's market bag looks very intriguing, and that's most likley my next purchase. Best to you"

"Love all of your bags that I have purchased over the past several years - they are durable, beautiful, a"I was given one of your bags as a sample...and have looked all over for more of them. I'm delighted to have found your site and have bookmarked it."


"I adore your bags; have bought them from you directly and also here in town. I especially like the see-through mesh bags. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

“I am a 55 year woman...and an obsessive needlepointer. I use your double sided mesh bags (Duck & Mesh Utiltiy Tote w/6 Pockets) for needlepoint projects. I can keep my needles and scissors in the small pocket and my fibers in the large pocket. The bags are absolutely fabulously because you can keep your fibers and needles separate and the mesh allows the fibers to breath.”